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Saturday, June 02, 2007


So we had to see if tadpoles
and polliwogs were about,
because last year's flood meant
I hadn't seen a single one (for a while),
but love the clean stone banks.
The return of squirming babies
accented with a chorus of parents,
which sang when we talked,
and hushed with our silence,
until the recognition of placement
proved our patience,
seeing five frogs.


Blogger Yves said...

Nice. I have no idea what a polliwog is.

Just checked your profile. How is it possible to work in Human Resources and also be a contentment consultant? Sounds to me like a conflict of interests :)

6/3/07, 4:25 AM  
Blogger jim said...

I enjoyed reading that, very well said/phrased.

6/10/07, 8:32 PM  

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