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Thursday, May 31, 2007


1~ First consider CREATION as the source of existence and awareness of its principle purposes (standards.) The most powerful standards are about being critical, THAT IS what creates the victimization costs.

2~ FREEDOM is the principle of equalization by having the ability to be what you can see as individual rights. Freedom is appreciation, it creates the allowance of approval.

3~ CARE-GIVING is the principle of extra attention to other investments besides individual selfish needs. The illusion of being better than others depreciates the principle of equality. Being better translates into doing better with proper care.

4~ COMMUNICATION (as freedom of expression) is the principle of understanding more questions come from every answer. This is the right to an education as application rather than mimicking facts.

5~ HONESTY is the principle of integrity as durability. Allowance for the change principle accepts the problem of no absolute truth.

6~ CHANGE is the principle that approves of growth that allows truth to expand honestly. "Bad" becomes dematerialized into the vow concept used in marriage, "for better or for worse," to accept the inevitable changes.

7~ SATISFACTION is the balance between criticism and approval.

8~ REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS is the principle of privacy in contrast to secrecy (which exacerbates depression with the need for denial.)

9~ Desire must be understood as degrees of desperation (desireeyah.) To cure desperation would mean there could be no abortion by choice. Regret would be understood as a by-product of choice (which is the second principle.) MOTIVATION can be innocent.

10~LOVE has no limits (if purely processed as the unattached principle.)
Can the reason to be be unconditional as pure expression of principles?


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