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Thursday, May 31, 2007

freeing standards

If the best standard every existed, one second later wouldn't it become myth?

Man-made pathology came with the want to define consistency.

Could nature be the highest standard? ~ as our mother?

Is The Father as a standard of guidance (spirit) interesting intercourse?

Standards measure natural tendencies to nourish living systems.

If The Ten Commandments were necessary principles to inherit the Earth,
by what standards would humanity be deserving of this home?
Are the standards of manifesting these principles affecting environmental factors?
How mutated standards become from the principle reformation is dis-ease pathology.

The Standard of Health is integrity (with natural trends.)
What this society calls, "getting it together" seems more like fragmentation by imposing standards on individuals.

Slavery is the imbalance of being beholding, so to hold standards is self-victimization.
Will freedom ever be void of standards?
The closest I feel free from judgment is when I can balance criticism with approval, hearing becomes a meditative balancing neutral emotions that "remove" thoughts.


Blogger Charles Bergeman said...


Your recent posts along with my latest on Philosphmoric all seem to be reactions to ill-health we observe in our world.

We intuitively sense that the balance you speak of has been forsaken by forces of economics, and values placed on high that do not ring true for us.

Healthy Standards can indeed be elusive. And applying them even more troublesome. However, they are not out of reach.

It seems that many would have us believe that the standards set by mainstream society are appropriate and sufficient for all.

As I have noted in my blog, the tributaries are full of people who would argue for a different approach.

Basic needs are common, and healthy standards are appropriate for most if not all.

But treating everyone the same is not. We are all different, and our differences should be celebrated, not repressed.

The tributaries are refuge for those who are brave enough to hold true to their nature.

Succumbing to currents that drag you towards the mainstream is the easy way out.

Acceptance, understanding, and honesty are muscles that have begun to atrophy in todays society.

It is easier to insist on conformity. This makes our interactions more predictable, less threatening. But the cost is freedom, individuality and even the pathology you speak of.

Your posts cover more than I am pointing out here, however, I am trying to show the correlation of our thoughts at this time.

Always fun to engage Brad when he is spouting Bradisms.

5/31/07, 4:27 PM  
Blogger dr.alistair said...

well, the conformity is a way for society to get things done by human robots with no questions.

not being a robot or ever wanting to be one ever i can safely say now that my life has been spent avoiding robots and councelling those who also try thier best to dodge them.

society is planning to employ more stringent robotifying measures in the near future to eliminate those who have inclings of individual thoughts or ideas or feelings.

the borg are here.

6/6/07, 8:12 PM  

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