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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I am simple as . .

A. Attitude Adjuster ~
The way we are encouraged to want happiness leaves us frustrated.
Judgment reflexes distort our balance struggling with criticism and approval.
Personal Point of view will leave us on the spot without partners, until we learn sharing techniques keep expanding.

B. Behavior Balancer ~
Blocking our progression are reflexes to maintain control by lessening risk factors.
What we want gets in the way of retaining the best lesson being presented.
Pacing is the key to preparing for the next stage.

C. Contentment Counselor ~
Appreciation builds values into a spectrum of potential.
Talent development uses role-playing to adjust power of performance.
Regrets are the by-product of choice which indicates how free you feel.

Desire-ee-ah is dis-ease by distraction and is the fire we must walk across to exercise our focus. What we want to do with the gift of life-time is motivational thinking which becomes the foundation of intuition for more (meaning) from less (action.)

Emotionography ~
Chart courses to exotic destinations through tough currents and whether patterns.
Dive into new depths to explore what is underneath the fear of bottoming-out.

Fun-da-mental ~humor as alternative to thinking ~ as a moving, morphing meditation of appreciation, music is the emotional focus of interest in repeated form progression as expression. Tai Chi is a physical template of what I mean by meditating on a formation principle.

Gifting is the opportunity to extend values in many forms of contribution. The gift of life is appreciated by degrees of generosity. Praise is prayer, asking undermines God's right to hide in everything (to some degree.)


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