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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

elect to probation

Nixon's counsel, John Dean says this Bush has misunderstood the Conservative meanings of his Goldwater ideals and will turn the word conservative as bad as liberal (is now!)
If you want anything more than you can afford you are liberal leaning!
*Tradition has defensive costs.
The real freedom (to dream) is in libertarianism of generously appreciating others as inclusive with creative rights, like pursuit of happiness.
Denial is depressing, to form a club is asking for a fight*.

Everybody that runs for president should get a job, chosen for them by the election. Allowing the public to mold its own cabinet gives credit to the characteristics each position needs and which personality most qualifies.
Debates will expose us to a behavioral science of debate (as a good argument,) and make those who quarrel end up in legal red-tape wrestling departments (as probation.)

By the way he treated McCain, I could tell G. W. Bush was going to weaken (even) his own party with polarity. He should have been elected to Entitlements, since that's what got him elected. This department starts with education and police enforcement and should include healthcare and utilities like in many (more) conservative countries.



Blogger dr.alistair said...

which more conservative countries?

iran possibly?


eventually you have to give power to someone. that power corrupts as humans are by our nature corruptable.

making people directly responsible for thier actions is one way, but politically that falls down for obvious reasons.

7/3/07, 9:34 AM  
Blogger Charles Bergeman said...

There seem to be 2 prevalent polar schools of thought.

One assumes that people are inherently evil, and can only be controlled by force or coercion.

The other assumes that people are inherently good, and that peace can be achieved on a national and international level through shared goals and cooperation.

What is missing is reasoned, logical approaches to solving problems based on examination of facts.

Too often, political, religious and idealogical agendas override the reasoned, considered, thoughtful approach to resolving problems.

As long as people choose fantasy over reality, they will never be able to agree on anything.

7/3/07, 10:07 AM  

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