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Sunday, July 15, 2007

developing insight

What if . . life is a movie,
& you are the projector?
What mood colors come
from your own spectrum,
where the focus directs
the light of your prism,
is the wide-angle lens
properly filtered for
action at this pace?
Plot continuity implies
editing personal limits for
altruism projected into
character developments.



Blogger jim said...

I was just writing a post for my spiritual healing blog, a trial thing and following a trail thru the foundation of creation of us. The fourth day, is the door, the door itself not the space of the door, and that is the eye, it is the 'light' on earth which means 'in us', not what we see that is outside, but what we see that is within. Interesting Bradford.

7/18/07, 10:39 PM  

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