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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

BEtrayING yourSELF,
couldn't this title have positive implications of revealing a portrayal of your better nature?

Human nature has an indulgent urge that, tending to overdo pleasures, keeps up a struggle for balance. There is the betrayal of healthy urges that implies a dishonesty with yourself. To tell you, "you are lying to yourself," will reflexively generate denial.

How well do you care for yourself?
Did you know that hating yourself is a form of care?
You can't hate someone if you didn't care to.
Love and hate are opposite ends of the care scale,
opposite to both of them is indifference. This scale runs from ignorance to denial.

Balance is a feeling that develops with exercised awareness beyond reason.
Contentment is what should be realized as healthier than happiness.
Dis-ease is symptomatic when healthy maintenance is not satisfied.
The excitement of desire fluctuates between happiness and frustration.

Over-stimulation is stress that can be neutralized by appreciation awareness.
The gift of life is knowing how awareness moves through the self projection.
Praise for being created is appreciation for ALL that needs to be accepted.
Asking A Creator for anything is not praying or enjoying the time.
Joy is the Spirit that removes frustration from the happiness urge,
helping others is the ultimate enjoyment of The Gift


Blogger BBC said...

Hello friend, thank you for visiting my blog. Are you a reader, I used to read a lot, but like Einstein said "At some time you have to stop reading and start thinking for yourself".

Now I spend many hours alone in communication with the cosmos. That is not an easy task and it's taken me through many dark tunnels and I had to learn to walk a tightrope over the pit of insanity.

But if you like to read I would like to recommend a few books. Gods Debris & The Religion war by Scott Adams. Read them in that order. He admits that they are just mind exercisers but they are still interesting and I pulled things from them.

My favorite romance is The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach.

A very profound book that I studied is Think On These Things, by J. Krishnamurti.

And I've studied Einstein a lot.

You said..."Every year is another tool, IQ points are the odds you'll get a chance to fix somethin'"

Maybe, maybe not, things keep getting harder to fix, time will tell. Hugs.

7/11/07, 1:02 PM  
Blogger jim said...

Great definition of 'desire'.

How might that desire be related to 'will'?

Also Zareba reminded me that voice is an actual extention of water, as is air. Isn't that thoughtprovoking?

7/18/07, 10:44 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

I enjoyed Bridge Across Forever, I have a hard-bound copy of ILLUSIONS, ninth printing-1978. I also have a copy of E=MC2-A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation by David Bodanis. Reading is such a great indulgence, thanks for more food for thought ~ Hugs back Bill

Jim ~ I am gratified by your question of WILL ~ as fluid ~ evaporating above the ocean of emotion ~ wow

7/20/07, 8:11 AM  
Blogger jim said...

Thanks to you and others, WOW! is right.

7/22/07, 11:30 PM  

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