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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

lost leaders

Administrative values must have a lonely spirit to
leave this one so alienated even from its own base.
The principles of unity that founded this governing system
have never seemed so misrepresented.
The world seems more polarized and chaotic
due to the influence of the executive actions of wanting more power.
The proportion (and quality) of Americans being represented
in (and by) their government seems to be an all time low.
The inclusive quality of spirit that fought for unity is fragmenting.
The appreciation that is social cohesion seems lost.
By saying this can I encourage the reaction for faith?
The intensity of this side of the cycle promises hope
for reform reveals that human being must find its' better nature.


Blogger jim said...

I totally agree, all time low.

I don't know about the faith encouragement thing.

But let's do hope for a great and intense upswing in the cycle, if we have to wait and depend on that.

Yes human nature/psychology has to change drastically soon to boot.

7/18/07, 10:36 PM  

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