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Friday, July 20, 2007

profit motives cost

Profit is a concept attached to producing product.
America has the opportunity to create new values as product production moves to Asia, South America, Africa, and other developing economies. Evolving the inclusion of more classes to our social system will redefine credit.

The aspects of American society that earned recognition for minimal profit potential are homemakers, caregivers, teachers , educational workers, etc. The dangerous precedent is that these jobs represent the rising trends that need attention. The entitlement of educational encouragement is due to the Information Age that has replaced the Industrial Revolution. How methodology improves so fast is due to Service Era competition. These trends give credit to evolving processes.

Profit depends on the completion which makes advantage of stability factors that are only a small percentage of what living is about. The profit distribution system betrays the value standards that allow the administrative controllers to take advantage of production laborers.

Not-for-profit is how most Americans (and other people) are living. Sustainability deserves a credit that can't be taken advantage of. Because America doesn't have a national health plan only makes it more evident. The relationship between health plans and job security shows how unhealthy our working attitude has become with unbalancing responsibilities. Family (and self) care depends on governmental provisions for property and conceptual ownership.

Contribution is a spiritual investment that religions can call donations. Values can shift away from the profit (taking) advantage to the comfort of contribution (giving) when we see ourselves as self-employed service participants of altruistic projects.



Blogger jim said...

'not-for-profit' living is pushed by the administrators on the laborers, even made mandatory. No Wonder.

Just a moment, nothing more, wrong.

Day after day, week after week, and so on, makes you wonder what for, see?

7/22/07, 11:16 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

Jim, as an artist, Do you paint only to sell paintings? ~ the value of your painting is matched by your gallery or agent ~ this profit-making limits who can afford for you to work ~ what if you leased your paintings for a monthly contribution?

7/23/07, 7:19 AM  
Blogger Vincent said...

i'm afraid i see only catastrophe ahead for america. i wish it were otherwise. i don't know when. but i see it as out of touch with natural living and natural thinking. But where does this impression come from? apart from the news about condoleeza rice, gw bush hillary clinton & so on it is from american blogs, where even the protests against the powers-that-be are strangely skewed because the powers-that-be control the agenda even of those that oppose them.

if i were in america i would want to start literally from the ground up. ignoring the debates in the media, ignoring the big agendas. i would start with the land, the trees, the sky and how they impact upon my humanity, and then my loved ones. i would look at the possibilities of living a decent human life despite and below the corruption of high places. i would associate with the downtrodden, legal and illegal for the downtrodden have no nation and no patriotism. on whatever patch of mother earth they live, they are here to survive. these are the ones in whom i place my greatest trust.

none of this is remotely a criticism of your writings here, on the contrary a kind of encomium for your words inspire these thoughts.

7/28/07, 12:14 AM  

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