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Friday, July 20, 2007

arrogance 2 U?

To believe in stability takes a traditional type of arrogance (from experience.)
Arrogance is defensive posturing indicating offensive needs (to project.)

Validation is a need for others that I take (as much as it is offered.)

Conditional acceptance begins the battle of beholding and starts the Power Trip.
Weakness is seen in flexibility but relaxing is a power* of patience (*energy.)
Energy is a free-access to vitality which is a magnetic balancing of what repels and attracts as a motion producing intercourse.

My side of this balance allows most observers to project arrogance on my screen.
I work at neutral statements of fact that can't help but sound like I'm trying to change attitudes from needs of defense to simple existence (respect of the right to exist at rest.)
It is vital to project freely to all those willing to amplify freedom (defensivelessly.)
What you see . . is inside you (as just dessert) and my screen relates freedom to express, can you grasp my jello? (Is poetic license (vague hints) arrogance?) Peace is (worth)work(ing) 4 unconditional help


Blogger BBC said...

I'm living proof that God gets cranky and arrogant at times. :-)

I guess that I had better bookmark your blog so I remember to look at it daily.

7/20/07, 9:11 AM  
Blogger brad4d said...

"Invested interest yields appreciation" is one of my favorite bradisms, the way you develop your posts is so multi-influential I added you to my links yesterday (to share) ~ I feel healthier with each Hug

7/20/07, 11:24 AM  
Blogger jim said...

You two behave. Your both good, love yourselves.

I gave up on validation (from others) and get it elsewhere, I am healthier for it, but don't recommend it wholesalely.

You, Bradford, are quite a screen.

Yours in love.

7/22/07, 11:11 PM  

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