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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

memory costs regrets?

this writing exercise is to explore why I connect the words reject and regret, ~ to regret has become a symbol of choice and what might have happened if only... to reject can be healthy editing, but what makes it "sticky" can be the denial which we think is best for our regrets, but denial is the seed to depression, (because) it undermines honesty (which is foundation to memory)

When people say, "No regrets" I want to appreciate their sense of destiny (which made their decisions for them) ~ I came to appreciate regrets as the by-product of choice exactly 18 years ago during a high school reunion, my memory might be so good because I don't reject regrets.


Blogger jim said...

My rejection of the World is one thing, my regrets another. The world separates the two.

One is 'angel' based, the other is human. No problem.

8/10/07, 11:39 PM  
Blogger BBC said...

I have no regrets. Life is just one long string of experiences, some of them mistakes. Life is also lessons, one after another, and they never end.

If you don't learn them you keep getting them over and over again until you do.

Or they pile up and bury you. I've had a very interesting life and made some mistakes. So be it.

8/11/07, 6:18 AM  
Blogger brad4d said...

for me, regrets are the test between honesty and denial, if I could resolve everything, then maybe regrets would pass from awareness.

8/11/07, 2:38 PM  
Blogger jim said...

I am not aware of regrets, yet I regret time wasted and hurting others, yet, my rejection of these now, does not fool me about then. Then I realize that destiny does seem the case and the regrets might have played a role in what I consider my success. Even so, I reject the waste and the hurt for the future, and regret them for being in the past, I think eventually the regrets do pass away by transfiguring into the new goods or rights, a metamorphosis of sorts, maybe Psychological?

8/14/07, 9:24 PM  

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