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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

education beyond reason

The stress a good education can relieve seems to deserve
the stress this society has put on it.
Why can't most of what we do (and feel) be considered learning?
The compartmentalizing of subjects also happens between requirements and other questions of pertinent values or teach us to focus (while growing ADD confronts us).
To taking advantage of a system there are feelings of victimization in reaction.
How we handle the rights of a victim have been questionable to fairness.
Do you think by asking (appropriate) questions the educational system can expand?
If you think everyone can be successful in a competitive society, how well are the principles of sharing being taught?
Anything given can be an investment with the spirit of appreciation.
Loss demands a payment of respect and teaches (us) how to pay attention.
The real answers are about emotional honesty, thinking becoming mindfulness.
Improvement as approve-meant is a worthy word-game, judgment is meant to balance criticism with approval, balance can impose intuition (when unexpected.)
To confront denial is the first treatment for depression, because if we deny education there will be a depression.
Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman) opened me up to a subject I call Emotionography,
fathom the depths, discover the currents, harvest hidden resources, explore the shores, etc. The link to Barker Mediation is the teacher who first inspired the word at a Sonoma State University course, Conflict Resolution Dept.


Blogger jim said...

I like the word, 'emotionography', it appeals and has potential, thanks for passing it along.

I have to be careful with languages and the tangle of word-parts and their potencies, due to other things unrelated to the subjects.

But some words in English are just perfect, like this one, emotionography.

8/2/07, 10:59 PM  

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