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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Can awareness be more than consciousness?
Wouldn't ideas project ahead of the tools that can create forms?
Do my questions frustrate a need for answers?
If you could relax/empty thinking maybe there are better feelings of mind~fullness?

Energy is created by the paradox relationship,
answers evolve questions of accuracy which care can extend in better measure.
The exaggeration factor is a reflexive, energetic paradox. (exaggerated fact)
Life is inconsistent perfection of growth factors developing response abilities.

I ask myself to relate definitions of others to inner revelations.
Reevaluations prove accurate inconsistencies as pattern recognition.
Studying projection theory clears filters to sharpen the spectrum of properties.
Material property is (like the body) in a location to start connecting conceptual values of making results that can be touched, seen, heard, etc.

Senses of place develop levels like street, city, county, state, country, etc.
Respect is sharing feelings conscious understanding capacities.
Duration appreciates interest fragments into investments like timing in hours becoming days, a part of weeks, reminding us of what cannot be taken apart.

Our lifetime, a drop of an ocean of time, as a projector lens of living fluidly.


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