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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Am I Right?

All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third ... it is accepted as self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer - German Philosopher, 1788-1860
AIR is my best truth model, as always there without any appearance of existence, either being sucked in or blown about, conceptual existence at its most elusive. I keep learning to think less solid, in the image of truth.



Blogger BBC said...

The truth as I know it.

That we are spiritual beings in evolution, and therefore God in evolution doesn't always fit other folks shoes.

But I think it will some day, after the great awakening.

That was a good quote, Einstein could relate to that as well as I do. Hugs.

9/8/07, 8:41 AM  
Blogger BBC said...

"chaos has laws in the sense of "harshest definition" (by relating it to historical events ~ chaotic as 9/11) ~ ought there be a law?"

I was referring to the chaos of the cosmos and creation of all that is. :-)

9/8/07, 9:13 AM  
Blogger Tuyet said...


9/16/07, 11:13 AM  
Blogger jim said...

You are right, I really like this one too, like an old friend.

10/7/07, 9:32 PM  

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