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Sunday, November 11, 2007

interest invested is appreciation

Comfort is peaceful.
Conflict is uncomfortable.
Thinking is an acquired response-ability.
We are all victims of developing thoughts.
Feelings have more natural tendencies (until thought about.)
Meditation is how awareness mediates natural energy.
The breath dynamic is a primary tool to balance inner and outer influences.
Taichi taught me that meditation is in action by consciously slowing down enough to be more observant.
The need for conflict is evident in movement as opposing muscle groups are needed even to beat our hearts.
The balance of these partner muscles can create an energy called the Piezoelectric effect that is attributed with increasing bone density.
The purpose of two ears is to become sensitive to stereo of placement in space.
The two eyes are partner points of view to create perspective and depth perception.
The two halves of our brains means we are all inevitably divided.
Accepting how complex life (has to be) means thinking about it is only a conceptual tool* with relative reasonable extremes, like opinions should be. ~ *an exercise routine
Power shifts like day and night in various durations within predictions of experience.

Interest invested is appreciation!
This represents a triangulation of influences,
interest is an attitude of care,
investing is a behavior of focus,
appreciation is contentment with growth, (hopefully as comfort) sharing values.


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