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Sunday, December 02, 2007

impeach meant?

Changing this administration with impeachment is due to combativeness.
What if we don't change how the VP is in charge? (before the next election!)
The Electoral College system is obsolete enough bring this country to this point of disrepair!
The Vice-President role is powerful enough to encourage a Democratic administration to demonstrate power sharing. The combining of campaign funds for community recognition of cooperation would change the world. Give everyone who has talent an opportunity to choose a conflict and communicate the options available for Restorative Justice. This punitive system feeds the complaint. The last winner took too much, and made the losers look responsible. Stop playing that game by working to better examples (to yourself-approval style)
Campaign reform could revert back to a more primary type of voting for candidates instead of delegates, OR each participant could contribute their role to a UNITY convention for designing a better administration (process.)
Allowance for witness experience by sharing ideas locally comes easily to the location in a incorporated county community, but federal friction is fearful.
Inclusion opportunities, on local TV with our county commissioners, are better.
Concepts of democracy appreciate diversity until criminal critical limits are set to end victimization feelings with resolved role-understanding mediation.
Disparity is the imbalanced justice payments imposing attention that subtracts values that allow sharing interests.
Contributing consideration points multiply abilities to respond respectfully.
Offer more excuses to donate support-securing behavior to a common party.
When can more attention be paid to the whole by letting the unattached
be/come a part removed as damage control?


Blogger jim said...

I am presently making the assumption, Bradford, that the 'elevation' sought for in 'enlightenment' is the change from the individual orientation to the 'whole' orientation, the oneness so often heard about. Given this, I look around and see politicians claiming their altruism, their enlightened status proven by their service to their communities and neighbors. But in this I also realize a sham, a power to keep this enlightenment way down on the scale of what one would hope for.....such I think is the problem with democracy and the systems of it.

You should reform it, print and publish your ideas, move it along, the current systems are certainly a stagnant cesspool of light confusion, motivated by unenlightened realities given as rewards.

12/6/07, 8:44 PM  
Blogger jim said...

PS: Bradford, great stimulation, thanks!

12/6/07, 8:45 PM  

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