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Sunday, December 09, 2007

at tribute

Why is "Do as I say, not what I do!" such a common expression?
This tendency is being studied as Borderline Personality Disorder which I understand as reflexively acting on different standards than what is believed to be right (to demand from others.) This denial is cross-rationalization that short-circuits self-respect and projects problems on others to feel less responsibility or victimization.
Sharing (standards) was the (principle) purpose of Ten Commandments, so universal understanding means removing accumulated reflexes patho/logically attached to basic (thousands of years unencumbered) ideals.
Principles are spiritual guidance, standards are cultural emotional baggage. laws are rational limitations of defining restorative justice (but tend to be punitive.)
Desperation is the feeling that needs to be treated to find more integrity.
I try to "attribute" exaggeration rather than blame falsification.


Blogger jim said...

I say that phrase is not human, but of the demon spawned by humans and the demon which turned and vent its' wrath back on the human, and so the phrase does the work of that demon!

Great post Bradford!

12/10/07, 10:02 PM  

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