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Sunday, December 09, 2007

recondition love

The greatest teacher can say they are the child of a Creator
and not be exclusive (for love sake.)
Unconditional love implies no limitations
so any definition of God is a condition
that fragments the awareness of awesome integrity
allowing unacceptability to exist.
I am inclined to define attitudes acceptable
when they are (sympathetic.)
Exceptions were made before rules
or we would all be so exceptional.



Blogger jim said...

The child of a father, reflects back to the father his own understanding....then the son goes off and makes his own place and fills it with his own understanding of himself, his sons...and we get further and further away from the source of the understanding that we are to begin with, and integrity of us suffers, including the unconscious understanding that is our bodies and our projections of a 'world'.

Only Chap one and two of Genesis are without fault, after that, rules become necessary and the words lead back to innocence without rules, what is that?

12/10/07, 10:21 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

. . self-choice questioning being a cog in a warring machine? All they have (ever)fought about is which rules (methods) are better.

12/11/07, 7:50 AM  
Blogger GarnetDavid said...

Brad, I just reviewed your blog and your website on my blog, Glittering Muse. It's in the sidebar under glittering ramblings.

I like your way of thinking. It's rich and dense and full of truth. I'm glad you commented on my site, particularly that post about "Truth and Being". I will now trust myself more when I write far out things which feel right to me. Thanks.


12/13/07, 9:25 AM  

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