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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

judgment complains

At Book Passages I saw the book A Complaint Free World. This validation reminded me of a sticker I made for my car five years ago saying, "to maintain contentment, refrain complaint."

My conceptual art is about conflict resolution. IMAGINE!
The balance of positive and negative poles maintains the energy of awareness. ~ imagination
The demands of reasoning inspire emotional support from the spirit of unity. ~ peaceful society
To include as many variations in the understanding of environmental limitations became the motivation of commUNITY. partner innovation
The computer represents a tool of reasoning that has bought on The Information Age we now live in. "uni"verse of thought by consciousness collection

The challenge of emotion is to understand reflexive chemicals of actions exercised. ~ healthy attitude by drug experimentation?
Watching my kids wake-up in the morning reminded me of my own dad waking me up as a child in the different settings of my youth.
I came to the conclusion that the chemical that wakes awareness is the reflexive fuel of anger. how grumpy do you awaken?
The preparation for the sake of ease helps motivate appreciation of what must be done for awareness to avoid dis-ease. . wake-up less angry?

Complaint is the denial of critical appreciation when awareness is stimulated beyond choice. ~ without blame ~
Choice is the freedom to make situations wonderful by wondering what is better . . ~&~
praise is the concept behind the First Commandment that appreciates (without the complaint of desiring any manifestation beyond) a better awareness as living a purpose.
Service is the response-ability of appreciating the right for others to exist, even before the reasons are discovered . . ~So~
my exercise for my teens is to turn complaints into sarcastic praise for something as I discover how criticism and approval balance judgment.


Blogger GarnetDavid said...

Your essays are like e. e. cummings in prose, lots of inner echoes of meaning. I like how you dissect words for their inner meaning, as in response-ability.

12/18/07, 7:48 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

Pithy the old
fool who enjoys
tricking conscious
paths to wonder
full streams of
wild dreaming

12/23/07, 10:27 AM  

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