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Monday, January 26, 2009


Is the appropriate question
the kind of wonder that makes
life wonderful?

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

vague values

The profit motive worked well for production, but for service and information, profit is parasitic. The capital that has been leveraged away needs to be compensated with three branches of credit(/capital) creation.
~Our patriotic job is to be healthy so treatment developments would earn credit. Every BODY is a statical opportunity to develop health experience that could be submitted (to internet crypts) for credit. The administrative class of health insurance could expedite opportunities to access more teaching information through polling experience building. So many regulatory limits could be contrasted to offer support.
~The bank bail-out needs to neutralize debt-forgiveness by forgiving all debts to hospitals, doctors, etc. so that that missing money just vanishes (gets cured.) Doctors are so educated, why can't they reward patients (pay them for listening to them, & waiting?)
~The paradox of going into debt to study is another loss of credit to gambling. Education shares experience of responsibility values. Scholarship vehicles could allow for the creation of values that reward awareness as emerging properties (and create new forms of capital.)

Properties are physical (for profit maintenance), educational (for trustworthy information), and conceptual (for healthy wondering.)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

CARE clinic

..I dreamed that Banks partnered-up with health-care conglomerates
as a bail-out participation credit for the redistribution
to those with obvious needs for support
as interviewer jobs expedite
the foundation of support allows
entitlement with patriotic contributions.
We need to pay everyone with a story
to contribute representation as polling
statistics design networks of sharing.
Trust will result from Information Age
attitudes that appreciate service generosity.

Health care means training everyone
with treatment extension potential
by encouraging the development of health monitoring
diagnosis education as a credit for experiences.

Those with debts to hospitals and doctors
get first redemption of victimizing costs.
This clears liabilities for the investment failures
to be rebooted as educational credits encourage
how to follow the trends that support, with the
treatment for desperation will allow generous patience.

Doctors distribute evaluation training (financial grants) by requesting
preferences that extend applications to diverse operating systems
to adapt administrative freedom for encouragement credits,
as comm-unity values reform Social-Security Assurance policies.

Service and information needs more centered integrity credits
than the profit gambling of production economics.
Money has turned into chips! So plastic health entitlement
is the better hygiene for (inter)national CARE.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

credit health plan

Health care is the credit we need to feed the society.
To reverse parasitic trend I offer opposite points of view,
Doctors get the bail-out money to build credit for health,
distribution starts with the "need" situations, focus clinics for
statistical progress, forming supportive networks of care.
Doctors reform access by administrative diagnosis allowance,
by evaluating policy obstructions to be treated for waste.

The polling trend of last years election could direct
experience of supportive behaviors into a kind of counseling job.
The interview could feed The Information Age.
Bottom-up foundation means education is NOT a DEBT.

The values of information and trustworthy service
could evolve healthy attitude awareness.
Mediation is a science of agreement to confront
the desperation that justifies complaint.

Entitlement is the redistribution of national equality
as ASSURANCE and property (style) values that adapt
exceptional attention for individual contribution.
A well-related society could take all tax from governing.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

center civilization?

..from the place where I wonder what
this leaving leader (BUSH) imposed on U.S...
allows me to see Gaza as a wound the leaders
won't stop scratching... the head won't allow
the body to heal..and seems willing to sacrifice
the whole skin (care system)..what can WE say
to emotional paradox?
The Obama talent is
to find points of agreement by suggestion,
without telling the defensive (belligerent) what to do!

Friday, January 09, 2009

B.ush S.upreme

Bush is the example of no political interest accumulated.
The deciding moment defines symptomatic behavior of parasitic nature,
because he was so obviously a corporate raider & oil price manipulator.

The extreme results focuses a larger agreement of who has to be held responsible for the changes that makes this country more socialistic than ever allowed. To make this a bigger injustice these victimizers will make us believe that it can be reversed. The only chance (for that) would be for The Supreme Court to declare as "unconstitutional" the propaganda style of totalitarianism Bush represented.
THEY should void their decision to give him access!


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Obama's Paine?

Everyone Asking for a bail-out is
a contributor to socialistic design,
whether wittingly or not!

The attitude made Uniting States possible.
The aggravation of the last extortion (tax vs.
contribution) cycle will design innovative
support systems for unity.

Agreement can find credit for debt
with accepting equality growth factors into
poverty issues (styles of desperation.)

The style of desperate truth,
Obama uses so well,
might eVALUE a change from the reflex
that Judgments lost in trust (with tradition.)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

stimulating / relaxation

The concept of the breath as
the seed of meditation practices,
allows for the paradox balance
as stimulating relaxation.
The oxygen filling the inhale
feeds every cell as suggested
by the space made when relaxing
allows for an exhale.

Consciousness is relatively reflexive.
Awareness responds as attention.
The purest attention is to pay respect.
To be constant in appreciation could be
the equality of individual meditations.



Government is in the business of
taking our money, taxation for self-
support, SO if we have none

They are out of business...
AS USUAL, follow the money and..
The military spending is NOT democratic,
corporate welfare (for political
contribution) betrays representation...
Irresponsible representation IS theft by anarchy!

Consider Constitutional entitlement for healthy
attitude as supportive (governing) credit (representation.)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The PLAY in Life

...every character has balance responsibility..
We lose the need for memory
as added experience reflexively decides
integrity index as retention...
when you say the truth you don't
have to remember what you said.
Correlated understanding is practice
for any templated behavior...
Relativity is the statistics of
casual effect adaptability..
enough to improvise
emotional messaging...
Response is how individual
abilities increase respect
ability.. as fully as we care...
for the participation of each role..
gains attention with intention of support.