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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

vague values

The profit motive worked well for production, but for service and information, profit is parasitic. The capital that has been leveraged away needs to be compensated with three branches of credit(/capital) creation.
~Our patriotic job is to be healthy so treatment developments would earn credit. Every BODY is a statical opportunity to develop health experience that could be submitted (to internet crypts) for credit. The administrative class of health insurance could expedite opportunities to access more teaching information through polling experience building. So many regulatory limits could be contrasted to offer support.
~The bank bail-out needs to neutralize debt-forgiveness by forgiving all debts to hospitals, doctors, etc. so that that missing money just vanishes (gets cured.) Doctors are so educated, why can't they reward patients (pay them for listening to them, & waiting?)
~The paradox of going into debt to study is another loss of credit to gambling. Education shares experience of responsibility values. Scholarship vehicles could allow for the creation of values that reward awareness as emerging properties (and create new forms of capital.)

Properties are physical (for profit maintenance), educational (for trustworthy information), and conceptual (for healthy wondering.)


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