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Saturday, January 17, 2009

CARE clinic

..I dreamed that Banks partnered-up with health-care conglomerates
as a bail-out participation credit for the redistribution
to those with obvious needs for support
as interviewer jobs expedite
the foundation of support allows
entitlement with patriotic contributions.
We need to pay everyone with a story
to contribute representation as polling
statistics design networks of sharing.
Trust will result from Information Age
attitudes that appreciate service generosity.

Health care means training everyone
with treatment extension potential
by encouraging the development of health monitoring
diagnosis education as a credit for experiences.

Those with debts to hospitals and doctors
get first redemption of victimizing costs.
This clears liabilities for the investment failures
to be rebooted as educational credits encourage
how to follow the trends that support, with the
treatment for desperation will allow generous patience.

Doctors distribute evaluation training (financial grants) by requesting
preferences that extend applications to diverse operating systems
to adapt administrative freedom for encouragement credits,
as comm-unity values reform Social-Security Assurance policies.

Service and information needs more centered integrity credits
than the profit gambling of production economics.
Money has turned into chips! So plastic health entitlement
is the better hygiene for (inter)national CARE.


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