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Friday, December 26, 2008


The problem is expecting something to be the same.
Put capital where it has already disappeared and say goodbye to capitalism.
The way the capital has devalued itself means capitalism is cancer.
If I knew the best value system it wouldn't be discouraging.

Encourage healthcare to be a supportive system with participation credit (opportunities shared.)
Social security was an assurance program that mutated into gambling on disaster. Insurance is a confidence racket, con-game.
Social work jobs bailed-out the last depression.
The regulation needs of this disparity offers the new attitudes that finds agreement.
Mediators use standards of agreement to find that contentment is more stable than happiness.

Waste management could redistribute every appliance and vehicle to appropriate applicants for universal support research.
Whistle-blowing as an asset is how Unions could run whole companies themselves, turning judgment into evaluation.
Authorities have proven to be more worth-less (waste) than respectable (vehicles.)

Banks must neutralize all debts and study credit as a supportive investment to forgive the penalties of their failed debt experiments.
With no money, there might be no stealing if, we could encourage supportive values.
Could money be the only cause of feeling desperate? Who would capitalize on that?


Blogger Vincent said...

As ever, I agree with you on the profoundest level, Brad. Capitalism has been given more than a bloody nose. It has been shown up as mortal, fallible, deeply flawed and perhaps fatally wounded. Still, it's not dead yet.

12/26/08, 9:43 PM  

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