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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Age of Agreement

Conversations try to sound hopeful as the struggle
deepens to balance values with money. *
The dance we all share is The Hard Nut to Kracker
as the Idiot goes back to a new village in Texas
with enough loot to declare cash evidence
of bailed-out victimizers looking stupid
in order to pull convincing Hat-Trick!
The act of taking advantage has
never been so acutely observed, perhaps?
Revolution reveals symptoms to confine industries
to the profit gambling game and
allow health to stabilize a service economy
based on statistics. The information immediacy
factors increase honesty values.
Truly understanding trustworthy health as practice,
the polling industry has potential to mediate
an Age of Agreement.
Regulators could be called mediators
as the new communications develop
capacities to contribute helpful behavior.
The attitude of support is worth a collective
of craftsman expanded to include a cultural infrastructure.
Commerce would be the tools, health services are relative
values to develop REsource reCYCLES as timing quality.
The separation of powers need to start like the
conversion to Euros, in many states at once,
local credits would accumulate attention to detail,
which could allow for matching best opportunities
for similarities to appreciate their diversity
without being expected to be on the same billing cycles,
we could contribute interest as focal events
of change and or historical timing.
We ALL get OUT of DEBT at once. %

* Invested Interest yields Appreciation

% There are exceptions before rules
or we wouldn't be all so exceptional.


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