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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

authority question

IS (the) Author(ity) overrated?

Doesn't the story have to support the author?
Nature seems to be the stage offered to present our awareness.
The foundation of relativity is by natures authority and we must constantly start over to maintain it's healthy influence. Recycled reflexes reflect the wonder of what's better or for worse.

The authority of reason gives humans the choice to ignore nature. Reason defends how we respond to the awesome power of natural influences. Supportive response gives value to balance the critical limitation.

When things seem beyond reason, in order to ignore it, we turn to Divine Authority, to create conceptual respect for our thinking presentations. Destiny implies that purpose is beyond human understanding, and can make choices for us. Respect determines the greatest value, so why limit it with a budget?

. . for authors to write anybody out . . have altered reality as indulgence . . and the behavior it takes to extort value into money-holding is not the supportive attitude that contributes fairly . .
GAMBLING favors the rule makers, and just like a fight, escalates quickly the DESPERATE attitude . . it is that attitude that creates divine authority.

What I tried to present observes the reversal of the "Trickle Down Theory" as most natural &/or supportive.


Blogger BBC said...

I have a purpose. To rid this planet of it's stupid fucking religions, it's not natural in nature.

11/19/08, 6:14 PM  

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