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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

emerging values

IF money is becoming such an obvious symptom of DIS-ease, lets identify all the VICTIMIZERS that took advantage of being bailed out. Those bailed-on deserve the supportive recognition for contributive roles even if they SHOULD apply.
Compensation needs supportive values of creative credit with access to A TRUST as an ANTI-BANK Assurance Account for consideration strength . . if there are ways to tell if my password is strong? shouldn't polls and statistics take the gamble (desperation) from more living cultures?

The profit system of capitalism depends on production of material goods.
The money habits we have been consuming trivialize democratic values.
Selling conceptual products have turned health and retirement into a gamble. Social Security was misunderstood as an insurance product because it was designed as assurance. The supportive values of cultural integrity have been scaled into a hierarchy of desperation.

Taking time to talk to others is the credit of evaluation.
Education should develop interview styles that can heal cultural attitudes.
Town-meeting development is the turn I've noticed in educational trends allowing concern to develop good sportsmanship and get credit, extra.


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