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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

check the balance

WHY? Isn't the real results, that are already in, enough to be disincentive?
This distraction of fragmentation is because capitalism is competition;
competition that allows winners to take ALL. .
This administration could make more personal profit by looking victimized than if they exposed the intelligence to be responsible for their influence.
Their business was to make people pay for influence!
Do I have freedom to consider their rationality aimed beyond my existence?
Shouldn't most taxpayers feel like they have been harvested like a resource?

The way the checks and balances were manipulated has forced socialism to be more considerate than present values.
This climate needs perspective that separates money as a gambling game that limits consumerism to products.
Conceptual values are the toxic mutant that is eroding the foundation of care-giving services.
When I was a kid each family had only one taxpaying entity but individual freedoms became registration fees and responsibilities to perform increasing standards of compliance.
Ownership is a standard of "self-sustainability," as maintenance management.
The rights we have to "own" at our eighteenth birthday become legal burdens.
Penalties are symptoms of discouraging judgments that abuse used concepts.

Credit to create takes the patience to meet in groups and register concern.
Credit rating needs encouraging channels of participation to integrate a new culture with ways to earn response values like participating in polls.
Conceptual properties can reintroduce the integrity of trust &/or The TRUST investment. The National Trust could encourage value recognition that "money can't buy." The National Health could be a self sustaining care management education program.
Understanding separation of church and state is how checks and balances allow for expanding cultural values.
Why does money have to be the only way to pay respect? What can we bank on?


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