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Thursday, January 15, 2009

credit health plan

Health care is the credit we need to feed the society.
To reverse parasitic trend I offer opposite points of view,
Doctors get the bail-out money to build credit for health,
distribution starts with the "need" situations, focus clinics for
statistical progress, forming supportive networks of care.
Doctors reform access by administrative diagnosis allowance,
by evaluating policy obstructions to be treated for waste.

The polling trend of last years election could direct
experience of supportive behaviors into a kind of counseling job.
The interview could feed The Information Age.
Bottom-up foundation means education is NOT a DEBT.

The values of information and trustworthy service
could evolve healthy attitude awareness.
Mediation is a science of agreement to confront
the desperation that justifies complaint.

Entitlement is the redistribution of national equality
as ASSURANCE and property (style) values that adapt
exceptional attention for individual contribution.
A well-related society could take all tax from governing.


Blogger lee said...

I think you got it ..

Without information and education ..fear and uncertainty arises ..with fear and uncertainty comes hording and obstruction.

In my opinion care is a resource that needs to be shared way doctors can help more medical schools and increase the supply of themselves.

I see too many good people get turned down by medical schools because of lack of room.

1/17/09, 5:35 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

Experience credit is the ageism reparation to allow for not-for-profit consultants, free~ agents for support recognition.
Activity centers could credit validation by support given back to interested participation networking.
So many empty spaces to develop!

1/19/09, 5:20 PM  

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