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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

another dumping ground

I have a blog that earned me
negative respect for implying that...
what is happening... now
was going to happen.
And how human behavior
betrays itself if it has to
blame or shame others.
Threats cause war
and have to stop being
so reflexive. That takes
a style of response abilities
that adapts. Freedoms relax
judgment, so repeal costly laws
and issue new evaluation credits,
because diplomacy seems
bought off.

We could re:design three
branches of economy where
only production exploits profit motives
but a service culture must be
up-graded regularly.
Citizens have become resources
to harvest carelessly
so how much credit must support
health and education?
Consider conditions that impose need,
wealth is always more lost than found
because of the denial of empathy
so care must be beyond their control.
Health is the spirit of a country.
Everyone should be encouraged
to be as healthy as possible.
Credit doctors, nurses, and patients for
their contribution to the national practice.
Classes should encourage understanding
with access to credit for invested interest.

My whole sixty years have experienced
disrespect propagated for teachers and nurses.
Health and knowledge could redistribute
the deficit to those who have sacrificed
for an easily computed advantage taken by others.
Those who sent jobs to other counties and try
to subsidize already disrespectful influences
corrupting representation expectations.
Creating a "Social Security" assurance
True Deal that doubles the amount
the obsessively wealthy believe they can re:obtain,
from a NATIONAL BANK distribution center
that allows those with talent for spending
to support local design and craft guilds,
educational organizations, health care practices .
Maintenance values were lessoned with
the disappearance of national production pride.
Those responsible can't let the future
be another dumping ground IF WE -