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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pompous Oil

Nationalize responsibility for resources. Seize all assets that have raped Mother Nature & give her a Bill of Rights!

Every country that has nationalized oil has something to teach us. Obama had practice with Auto and Bank bail-outs, NOW it is time to TAKE-OVER the OIL CONS-Piracy! Our national resource demands that govern-mental regulation seize the assets with the troops being trained to monitor every stage of waging peace with the earth. Power over energy is the only job market that can save us now and it must be part of a social assurance policy. Corporations have made the public foreign to their own resources. We, the people, were given rights to be equally enabled to participate with credit for our local efforts. The Gulf is an example of suffering for its endowments.

When Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense, there was an understanding developing (FreeMasons knew) that Monarchy was a pompous standard of government since the king thought he owned everything. Kings created the Gold Standard (that just may need to lose all its value) since we can't eat it. The oil standard has become the most pompous hoarder of money since it fueled The Industrial Revolution's demise. The profit motive seems to be imposing a toxic idiocy. The distraction of making money has allowed us to ignore the state of balance needed to sustain life.

The whole value of BP isn't enough penalty for the environmental damage and reminding us what Exxon is getting away with as court manipulation proves that the military should be educated to be the power protection reflex for a nationalized foundation of energy management or next we'll deserve to be outraged by water!!!! Isn't the Bush family already developing their monopoly on aquifers in land investment? Could that be why they are so invested in developing the power of BlackWater?

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

even dreams downsize

We are all trying to adapt to so much dissonance. It is time to realize there is no normal to return to. The costs are critical and how we edit is appreciated in honesty. What we must trust is dialog that shares participation. What we try to ignore is denial of reality which can make rationality pathological deception. Confusion is the point of conception. Now where's the value in that?

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Differently Abled

I was told in my disability support group that a newer framing is to be called Differently Abled.
To be Differently Abled is a challenge for normalcy just to understand.
The evidence of avoidance is unrecognizable ignorance or symptomatic reflexive denial.
The fact that there is no evidence doesn't mean there isn't a greater truth than understanding allows for in behavior evidence.
What if awareness is healthy in terms of appreciation?
The human choice to be critical just might make that style of awareness pathological (and that needs appreciation to be considered.)

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