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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

natural support

health IS Public

The health care debate is victimized by,
the focus on the insurers, as a quite
symptomatic clue to the parasite,

The industrious, for profit, practice of
medical integrity should build credit,
not be charged for habitual test selling, &
encouraged with study values for statistical
contribution to attention investment.

Advantage taking systems compromise
stability. Consider balance.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

bank on common trust?

The education of social behavior is redefining financial logic.
There is statistical proof that personal performance and governmental examples set standards of reality that deceive ideals reflexively.
The passing of responsibility is proof that unreasonable expectations of administrations are forcing the support teams to realize they are more trustworthy than their authorities.
Bosses can't keep charging their constituents for their miscalculations, starting with wages as performance value.

The prerequisite charges (taxes, licenses, certifications, degrees, etc.) for being part of this society is educating the standards (of observation) that obviously need balancing as much as budgets.
Common sense can't be forced into a mold that obviously fails because it has been corrupted.
The fact of governmental debt excuses parallel standards of personal credit indulgence could be considered.
Coalitions of individuals are realizing what "being too big to fail" actually implies and express the need for downsizing trust.
Stability is contrived understanding between personalities that share responsibility.

The national debt should encourage taxpayers to understand how trust is the new property to develop.
This economy of conceptual values has developed The Trust as a vehicle of investment to educate terms of appreciation.
Trust must be reconnected to what banking implies.
Investing in debt was necessary for production (of an industrial economy) but health and education needs a more forgiving system that builds trust.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

way of life price?

For better or for worse is the processing of evaluation.
Hope is only possible by the response to error, that belief projects.
The binary system of paradox has a third element in partnership.
The spirit of sharing responsibility is respect.
Respectable behavior encourages revelation to replace past points.
The equality concept transforms with perspective allowance.

Can integrity of human life represent nature?
I ask because maybe, human behavior threatens
natures' health too often forgotten

paradox used well*

". . if insurers want to prove they work better. .
how can they complain that 'faulty' government
methods will drive them out of business . .
it doesn't make sense . . they might not be logical . ."
paraphrased from Pres. Obama,
proving he wants to believe . .
Health care assurance is public interest

*He made this statement balanced to sound
complaining to complainers but
encouraging to encouragers which tips
benefits to benefactors

Monday, June 22, 2009

social is sick

. . . if you can't understand the potential
for socialism* to help equality treatment . . .
consider how trends push "anti-social ism". .

. . anyone who asked for bail-out
believes in socialistic power . .
I have the social dis-ease of needing
bail-out assistance, like proper pay
for supportive creative contribution . .
discouragement is spreading the dis-ease.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

peek into paradox

The California government (representative spectrum)
can't allow the money management to creatively reach agreement?

The lack of money is why there is no jobs to create it!
There are so many volunteer workers available
as support has been in so much need
to demonstrate willingness to dialog
even without proper credit
as projected administratively
who caused the lacking by not downsizing
on self importance except for responsibility.

This implies the paying jobs are not
creating support values on daily experience budget.
So...What if work ethics have been mutated
to distract judicial understanding
with contractual conditioning pathology?

Behavior observation is better evaluation
developing debt-less "punitivity" . .

Allowing for the "on (the) otherside" values is
what builds our allowance.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

health chart

Health is so adaptable it should be considered at every meal.
How much awareness is obsession?
Do you interpret for better or for worse mostly &/ or now?

Health is the awareness that justifies existence.
Critical reflexes only seem supportive by creating conditions.
Principle conditions; manifesting as cycles of reaction
* * Being ~ creating ~*~ understanding
* having ~ investing ~*~ sharing
mimicking ~ balancing ~*~ educating
* feeling ~ sacrificing ~*~ revealing

Support will balance all existence! ONLY in relation to criticism as denial.
Needs becomes more discouraging as they build desperation factors.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cut & edit

Money is the blood that this economy pumps into circulation.
Capital has been disappearing into the organs that used to create supportive juices. The lack of jobs is only half the problem that the pre-existing jobs keep exposing as economically lacking (by "their" continuing response values. We can't help being so socialistic-ally connected by irresponsible conditioning to observe itself in debt to risk.

The unbalanced attitude of being indebted is the health issue.
The most basic example of health is a balanced budget (or diet.)
Government has sold-out "It's" responsibility to create credit without debt.
Statistical education is the most important correction to knowing "Federal Reserve" accountability (& who "they" are.)
A U.S. Note as an equal democratic credit is the only administration that can bail-out capital criminal leakage (from "their" leverage.)
A country entitles itself to citizens by credit for participation creation.
The idea of taxes is a gambling device like roulette, when citizens actually deserve access to supportive assistance.

Government as an administrative model is the only expected generosity engine (asked to bail-out) while all other administrations (auto, oil, insurance, banking, etc.) seem to bail-on their responsibilities.
Habits are linked to victimizer-behavior, causing governmental services to corrupt representation realities.
Citizens as commodity?


Sunday, June 14, 2009

8th day, of rest?

There are seven senses of what I am.

My sense of sight creates personal style with individual image development.
The sense of hearing wants me to develop a voice.
Our sense of taste considers who to do lunch with.
Some sense of smell will pick the space and bring the flowers.
The sense of touch is a body of relationships reaching for shared conclusions.
The sixth sense is the drama of opinion by critical awareness.

The health of attitude is the seventh sense of integrity &/or balance.

. . but what you think I am IS WHO? . . projected interest?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

credit doctor?

Our economic infrastructure became a discredited system.
The ability evaluate depends on negative credit.
Debt is the danger of risk and as so becomes gambling symptoms.
Can some people be allowed more contentment by choosing to ignore money games?
Isn't it hard to deny that money management is an "at a loss" system?

Health means balance. Healthy records mean balanced journalism.
Action needs "trans"actional observation.
Approval will always have a critical connection with statistics.
Critical understanding can allow approval values, like evolution rights, within a healthy intelligent design model. That is chosen and/or decided?)
The spirit of wealth could make shared values with health equality credits (that don't produce debts.)

There are jobs we all need to attend to, and mediating change is the most valuable need to develop. How do we accept what we couldn't know before? Generation is the concept of age-group? Revelation is generating reality awarenesses (devises.) Practicing medicine could generate values that do "no harm" by removing debt from the process.

The lunatic fringe of this potential credit is to actually create job sustenance stimulation as care-giving support, when the sensitive ones know it is disaster aide. The bail-out credit patients deserve is to offer the research investment as observable honesty to address the editing attitude of pride peddling.
"I so admire the truly humble that if I were one, I'd be so proud." -B.Franklin

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