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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

cut & edit

Money is the blood that this economy pumps into circulation.
Capital has been disappearing into the organs that used to create supportive juices. The lack of jobs is only half the problem that the pre-existing jobs keep exposing as economically lacking (by "their" continuing response values. We can't help being so socialistic-ally connected by irresponsible conditioning to observe itself in debt to risk.

The unbalanced attitude of being indebted is the health issue.
The most basic example of health is a balanced budget (or diet.)
Government has sold-out "It's" responsibility to create credit without debt.
Statistical education is the most important correction to knowing "Federal Reserve" accountability (& who "they" are.)
A U.S. Note as an equal democratic credit is the only administration that can bail-out capital criminal leakage (from "their" leverage.)
A country entitles itself to citizens by credit for participation creation.
The idea of taxes is a gambling device like roulette, when citizens actually deserve access to supportive assistance.

Government as an administrative model is the only expected generosity engine (asked to bail-out) while all other administrations (auto, oil, insurance, banking, etc.) seem to bail-on their responsibilities.
Habits are linked to victimizer-behavior, causing governmental services to corrupt representation realities.
Citizens as commodity?



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