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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Democratic Money

The health care solution needs to find a source of credit without debt.
We must examine the purpose of debt. Tendencies to attract individual weaknesses, is the intent that has fueled this economic disease. Penalties and debts are a shame and blame we must learn to do without harm because we are chipping out the foundation of the whole system of improvement.
The judgment of shame must evolve into evaluation that mediates balanced victimization, after admitting shared responsibility, tension finds parody.

What has happened to the economic foundation has discouraged so many so fast that to call for new results will demand changing values of forgiveness as healthy credit balancing. The compensation for the profit exchanged on any level builds on trust development. The tension factor is not being admitted in proportion to how something opposed to trust has grown.

When does need become logical reversal with less misdirection included?
The jobs being maintain by insurance collection as a gamble can retrain easily to assure any applicant a evolving return with a positive charge incentive.
As we become aware of the federal reserve as entitlement for provision, the vision must expand the perspective. My writing is proof of my originality and since ridicule reflex is the stage of revealing new truth, some trust that new ideas are tough work.

Vehicle engineering improvements develop safer models, compartmentalization of the economy transformation must redistribute the energy potential of credit card supportive services that are open to ideas creating more polling jobs.

Statistics are designed artistically to support behavioral reflexes.
Information as education manages itself (either) by popularity (or) until commonness suggests devaluation. This job is a support credit that can be distributed in kind to contributor of three forms of information, The opinion(1) can believe(2) more when related to fact(3). This self supporting feature is different that the need generated in the profit market.

Only profit motive should create debt because it is the gamble so supporting services could be only creditable with health care designed into less harmful procedural redundancies.

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