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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Relate How Response Respects

Every action works a reaction.
Reflex is relative to living in balance.
Life is the gift of relative connections to other lives.
~ Awareness is the critical reflex, from the first cry for breath.
The approval reflex recognizes comfort of care to relax thought.
Values of criticism and approval define the self as character.
~ The body has maintenance work scheduled regularly.
Feeding and sleeping will only be denied so long
and the heart lungs are exempt from conscious need.
What the balance indicates is a state health.
~ Reflex is the energy that justifies hypocrisy as reactive.
Relative equal opposite dynamic is natural.
Human focus limitations project personal traits of species.
Understanding is relative to experience with paradox humor.
~ The laugh is a reflexive response that enlightens with contrast.
Can you choose to laugh? Could this question inspire free-thinking?
Most reactions are predetermined with physical preparations,
like seasons are projections on the year of the times of a day,
physical factors limit how we think (and how) we choose.
How we misuse reflexes and responses is like not respecting the time of day.
Respecting how our interest is directed determines values.

Relativity is the authority of intelligent design by mimic of the previous standards.
Originality is only noticed as different from accepted patterns as relative adaptability.
Response abilities represent spontaneous corrections of a process.
The credit for previously unknown concepts stretches further to mimic what was lacking from the past.
Profit motives don't allow for unknown values by reflexive ridicule, humor starts the thinking that is critical so must oppose all that can be edited before accepting what will be self-evident.
Spontaneous defenses are the most costly corrections because of the attention demands that need value reconciliation.
Work is overpaid as redundant reflexes that justify given demands of the past.
~ Profit is relative to production values.
There may well be overwhelming evidence that responsibility is lacking from reflexive profit motives.
This mimics viral behavior of parasitic gambling to insure uncertainty.
Being unsure is inspiring for a responsive exercise to find new credit.
The refining feeling of gaining balance is a healthy respect influence.
~ Respect pays attention to equality to partnership.
Nature can't balance the influence human dominance has imposed.
The term Human nature does not properly respect who is supporting who when all we have to observe is the profit of disrespecting natural energy.



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