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Friday, April 24, 2009

administrative costs

Education is not allowed to progress
beyond the level of prejudged thoughts
just by the act of certification. .
validation of relation verifies existence..
where is your identification?
Experience becomes critical consideration
when imposed as reflexive commands.
Approval must be earned when awareness
can neutralize the overpowering urge
to say, "NO!" We all use denial for sympathy.

When will a habit be declared unhealthy especially
if a majority opinion will bankrupt a culture (to enslavement?)
Trust is the path through ridicule and opposition to the next truth.
The inability to trust the value of money can't get over the boundary
it has created by allowing debt for credit as gratitude.

Supportive behavior is a credit.
Administrative behavior is the power to ask for debt.
"Authority" thinks others should be indebted.
Isn't the highest authority considered the "Country?"
The concept of owning our "own place" is the priority of shelter.
The expression of place is an attitude of sustaining participation in community.
Health is the maintenance of balance by degrees of toxic management.

The bail-out expected should inspire those expectants that
that administrative necessity as theirs as well
in sympathic debt forgiveness.

Executive administration NOT a for-profit job, but as self-sustaining service.
Only production costs produce money so that conceptual services that sustain
economical balance stabilizes from a three-point perspective of potential investments.

Health and education should not be debt producing concepts, but contributive values of the Service Era in the Information Age. . .
The IndusTrial Revolution must be forgiven for it's brutal disparity, and not cleaning up after itself.


Blogger BBC said...

It's all a bunch of bullshit.

4/24/09, 7:45 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

..glad you could visit my compost pile..the mind is a terrible thing when full of waste...

4/24/09, 8:51 PM  

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