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Monday, March 30, 2009

share healthy values

The complicity is more obvious everyday that healthy action is distracted by knee-jerk reactions that continue status quo payments for the un-working procedures that prove how wasted the system is as pathological and parasitic.

These archives have health~care suggestions as a branch of economic balance with checks that respect self interest reflexes and how they are symptomatic to how values greater than money are a foundation that is being eroded like environmental concerns.

The IndusTrial Revolution was fueled by a profit-making attitude that seemed "too big to fail." The amount of labor resources needed allowed for abusing a value of human dignity. The roles of mothers and teachers as a minimal compensation service is a symptomatic warning we continue to overlook. Service quality values could energize The Information Age of technological advancements needed to allow the transparency of comm(unity consciousness to compensate ethical deprivation.

Healthy support made the best concept of Social Security more of an ASSURANCE policy that the"conceptual product" insurance has been mutated into. To prepay (an) inevitable disaster is the concept of insurance investment and the importance of credit grew into debt investment, so how can successful attitudes be surprised that their investment "goals" have manifested? Isn't it obvious we have been fed unsuccessful attitudes?

A new diet of Health~care Regularity should be the supplemental job that GIVES PAYMENT to participation standards of interest. Education of supportive health services should produce financial credits to redistribute pride of body maintenance. The individual bodies could come to represent a body of human being. Peace comes from getting the pieces to Relate and compensate (share..) Responsibility w/ Respect



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