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Sunday, March 15, 2009


"NO SENSE" is called that by human critical thinking?
Thought separates the mind/brain from the body integrity.
By thinking "IT" is supportive, thought frees itself from response abilities.
Money accumulation HAS become the conceptual values that allowed dollars to create non-cents (and debt from credit*).
The little things have stopped meaning as much.
Natural Organic Sense is a support system of value distribution.
Gut feelings imply the head will distract hope from real comfort.
Meditation seems to make NO Sense.
I practice no sense in relation to how content my body rests (satisfied.)

*A stack of money with eyes on top will tell you that conceptually you could save that by switching to Geico but what is it really?.... what every existing customer is paying for the new advertising campaign while still paying previous gecko campaigns to prove double-timing indulgence is THE prevalent dumb-down distraction (of common/human greed.)

To relax common/human indulgent reflexes the NO Sense alternative paradox is to appreciate ridicule as the door to "AHA" brain work (like laughing) instead of thinking. Never miss the opportunity to consider accepting potential spirit of unity. ~ .com.unity


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