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Thursday, March 12, 2009

considering discouragement

How can the wealthiest (smartest?) people in the world loose billions of dollars in a month? Did they really lose money? How can it go missing? Isn't it just a concept of value?
Conceptual values basically just discourage or encourage, for better or for worse. These trends have relative design based on reactionary science. Justice is a balancing act. NOW depends on justifying THEN, so (that) what was done (on so many levels) seems unjustifiable (and discouraging.)
The most discouraging loss revolves around The Indus*trial Revolution. Profit worked well with production values because it took advantage of resource development. The lack of waste management is what undermined the sustainable factors.
The reaction of information (and service-needed) can't maintain a profit motive. The NEED to "make money" was transfered to government as a symbol of responsibility. The last administration ridiculed information (science) and service (acceptance.) The correction means it destroyed a whole political platform. A new foundation of encouragement has been established to bring the last hold-outs into violent opposition.
My opposition is to let debt make "money" settle for value-less-ness. That "in-the-red" balance could conceptually create a new value of health maintanence. Socialized medicine could conceptually evolve a civilized health-care system without profit-motive. Don't let a word discourage US! Use all the missing balance to encourage doctors to break the bonds of "systematic restriction" with advocacy agencies evolving from the same workers that had to deny care to the needy.
The "faulting" process seems to be the cost-key to the discouraging . Agreeing to yield information is the response of resolve. Compensation is the encouragement we want to invest in. The difficulty of change must gain a new value in expedience.
The discouraging toxins that must be declared as symptoms for treatment are below contentment on the care scale and all of the indifference spectrum. The negating reflexes are important lessons of response abilities. Responsibility must be the best asset to acceptance.

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