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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

steam heat

The concept of credit created a greater debt than hope could have conceived. Reality is a paradox that depends on relatively equal and opposite reactions.
The reversal of fortune depends on relief distribution instead of business as usual.
The energy of alternating currency implies (most) payments should reverse their direction (from industries, back to their resources / customers.)...otherwise?...
The is no capitalism without capital (gains.) Investing in debt yields that!
Responsibility can no longer be denied to reflexive rationalizations.
Healthy attitude demands a support industry that values social equality relief.

Statistics of exponential change demand respect for the unconceivable.
I am demonstrating a style of writing that is revelatory, even for the writer.
Creation of a plan must be much more spontaneous that rational thinking.

I appeal for a credit to respect more influences than appreciation generates.
Take a risk on this chance to wonder about dropping a fully empty pot.
How wonderful is this mental exercise?
If all information reduces to zeros and ones, are you one yet?
The computer operating system needs new applications.
The regulation of flow is not enough, so the government needs principle support.
The victims are so transparent they seem invisible until you acknowledge payment reversal has to stop being "tricky."

The effort invested here could prove deserving research for a new projection of hope generation.
I deserve to design a rating based on encouragement to RE:evaluate.
If you reviewed my case you will find hidden treasure where you least expect it,
and my best offer just might be deserving to be a case study (of forgiveness).
The chance to be considerate will be easily ignored, AM I RIGHT?
Sometimes the best answer is another question. WILL YOU ASK ME?
"What good is self-esteem IF, you just sit by yourself and steam?" ~


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