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Sunday, March 08, 2009

credit encouragement

They didn't lose the capital...
it has been turned to shit...
and doing the research freedom that balances credit
can turn it back to a fertile potential of debt relief.

Convert debt investment into healthy attitude
being practiced as credit incentive allowances.

Allow all hospital and doctor bills, manipulated
by inflationary institutes, to neutralize as a disappearing act
so that THAT emergency bail-out (paradox) could jump-start
exponential supportive relief from "making money" responsibilities.

"The trouble with this rat-race is that even if you win
you're more likely to be a rat."

Redistribute healthy habits as a value to reward practice
so we can ignore the discouraging indulgences (for profit) by
recognizing service and information propagation. (teachers & care-givers.)
An intercourse economy needs three branches, information transparency and service quality, to make up for less production that pathologically has wasting impulses. (plunder production)
Start by extending the single payer health plan, that the
government enjoys, to public entitlement for representation of equal rights,
then add actual credits to contribute health extension.
Turn insurance to assurance!

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