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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Application to re(de)fine credit

How people can be useful is the responsibility of job creation.
This economy has stopped being useful. There is no capitalism without capital.
Let me share presentation levels of useful observations and experience (opportunities) to understand that donation is the appropriate response correction.
"You're crazy" is the common response to my style of thinking.
Being a (conceptual) artist is a symptom of physiological differences.
My right-brain approach is alien to (normal) thinking appropriateness.
It is risky explaining perspective to a linear rationality.
Trust can only be built in relation to efforts of encouragement with integrity.
Observation gets past emotional defenses if only sub-consciously interesting.
So please consider this reevaluation;
Insurance creates a gambling game by paying ahead for disasters that haven't happened yet. The growing insurance requirements forced every aspect of our social trust to invest in disaster.
..and now that..
Developing credit is a debt growing commitment... Why are the most successful people surprised that their investments in debt and disaster succeeded to be just that, conceptually?
A new concept of successful reflexes demands an education of response abilities.
Our primary motive of "Making Money" is responsible for limiting our abilities by overlooking the real values of behavior, (limiting to a line) the potential of intentional dimensions.
Serenity is acceptance that relativity uses honesty to know self-interest with limits.
Courage is the response of confronting the difficulty editing possibilities.
Sharing is the first response of recognition as agreement.
Wisdom allows for new understandings.
Healing is a practice. Doctors experiment with managing conditions in doses of attention.
My interest in sustainability might offer your best chance to evolve a supportive value without capital indulgence.
Before my blogspot scares the CRAPITALISM out of you, consider the integrity in the archiving, which starts at the time of my website, and... consider how credit transparency could expand economy to a three-branch system of checks and balances....and neutralize the parasitic defense reflex.
Production capital negated the values of information and service for proper care-giving to social diversity. Redistribution has healthy implications to circulate currency. Where is the best hope to end social dis-ease?
Give doctors the bail-out budget to pay patients to do what's best for themselves (as supplemental health care.) Develop health care agencies as expediters of supportive practices that grow so fast they don't need advertising if community development appreciation is deserved. Entitlement is not capital but values of inclusionary patriotism.

My ideal job would be creating values nobody has designed yet, before socialism fails too.



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