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Thursday, February 19, 2009


..since democracy was conceived as the end of monarchies, it was designed to coexist extremes in attitude (states of belief.)
The antidote role (three branches of governing) was inspired to reject taxation.
The United States was created as a health plan for parasitic behavior.
When the balance of support is lost to dominant symptoms, they must encourage the debate..even to confrontation of principles.

", liberty, and the pursuit.." ..of insurance payment values?

Health care makes us invest on possibilities,
so that WHEN bad things DO happen,
be prepaid for the best value?
Shouldn't Insurance* consider a tweak into an assurance style?
This *gambling attitude as been used to set up a dealership of competing parasites (as lobying demonstrates reflexively.)
"Tapeworm Economics" coined Catherine Austin-Fits.
If investing in debt has been so powerful to manifest it,
what about the potential of health credit interest paid back as appreciation values to balance the books?

The socialistic bail-out of wealth must be dosed with
socialized medicine as a portal of new values in credit FOR~DEBT!


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