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Thursday, February 12, 2009

donation ideal the bail-out..
any ASK for money (donation/volunteering)
proves socialism has become
the only answer as treatment behavior,
because missing capital proves capitalism sucks,
reality implies the behavior shift "correction."

Socialized wealthcare stole healthcare,
Wealthfare socialized governmental needs
faster than military spending.

Health credit is supplemental support
for entitlement to collective quality shares
defining patriotic integrity (investment) and
balanced attitude as healthy exercise programs.

Observing debt connection to healthy habits should
create value of contribution to statistical
resource development, like infrastructure
on a service level, credits practice attitude adaptation.

Removing financial desperation could be greatest ideal.
Every "bail-on taxpayer credit" should neutralize (& cancel)
medical expense pathology that sold energy for power.
Allow care to become the forgiveness of needs ~ shared.


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