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Monday, February 02, 2009

Real Deal

Every request for bail-out shows faith in socialism, every (tax) dollar spent on corporations and military support is real socialism. The victimizers prove socialized medicine is the Healthy alternative to wealth redistribution. Citizen entitlement could pay for participation with health-care agencies expediting value extension of available "training for heath service information investment.
The denial of socialism is from those denying wealth advantages (that are NOT democratic w/o capitalistic excuses).
There is no capitalism w/o capital.
Doctors could prescribe Support Compensation to feed a "REAL DEAL" credit that denies debt. Every bail-out dollar neutralizes a "medical" debt (doctors, hospitals, research institute, etc.)
Education should neutralize debt too, considering the military model.
Because of deception as advertising, I have been writing under heading of Real Deal integrity needed to balance, the correction is a paradoxical Information Age.
The (free) Internet was the most generous opportunity to re-conceptualize waste management in documental scale, access to truth is exponential.
Supportive services can become more self-actualizing from contribution values. Survey design and interview experience creates case-work.
The lacking wealth can be treated with health value compensation.
Entitlement of representation admits greed's tendency to victimize reflexively. Treatment could be more symptomatic (as a value.)
Like teachers and housewives, doctors were de-valued because they didn't produce a product. Neutralizing the imbalance of policy disrespect would free timing values.
So-called health-care "products" could be statistical expediters (agents) of practicing diagnostics, trained to "Do No Harm."
Support is the new value demand patriotism should supply.


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