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Thursday, February 05, 2009

desperation reparation

Here is alternative desperation reflex
slapping ourselves in the face.

The consumer extreme needs to coexist with a sustainable balance
in the values-added appreciation of the users
by extending credit
as supportive educational exercises.

Benefactors must appreciate the interests of their contributers.
~Health is the support system to create
a credit balancing power alternative.
~Wealth was the distraction that pays in responsibility
for risk redistribution.

Required insurance (betting) and taxation
for entitled infrastructure could be supportive
supply values as information and service
distinctions pay-off as entertainment qualities.

Experienced statistics could expedite exponentially
development of best designing encouragement
with honest appreciation training.

Behaving supportive is the choice denied when critical.

The critical reflex is a costly indulgence
that gets enough self-sustaining support
without having to amplify toxic reactions...

...but symptoms could create evaluation jobs!
Mediators are paid observers who get contribution credit as perspective designers.
The health-care integration movement could encourage introductions of information as recognition grows for evaluation journalism.

Reparation is the desperation factors' responsibility.


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