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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

non-profit view

Observe Production Economy...
. . tools design balance by budget...
There are RELATIVE styles of recognition.
. . patterning experience to extend interest*
Conceptual Values distort norms for contrast.
. . this style of risk should not be punitive...
*Mathematic relations materialize
conceptual RESPONSE abilities...
Maintenance habits are symptomatic...
hygienic attitude to health entitlements,
considering what is emerging care standards...

Support is a service that must care more
than profit (or the cost is that
we experience discouragement pathology)

Denial reflexes fuel depression?
CARE to appreciate!



Blogger brad4d said... stream-of-words believe such idealism..I can't pretend to sound rational..when emotional tangles can be encouraged to relax poetically..I find it wonderful to risk sharing freely..

2/12/09, 8:36 AM  

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