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Friday, February 13, 2009

campaign for trust

Remember the campaigning financed very successful job networking.
What working felt like is a powerful value for the unity created as the polling became more like national discussion and contribution.
Healthcare could be a powerful effort for unity.
The contribution potential can infuse the economy as a credit source.
Participation in healthy behavior pays reparation for the wealth parasite.
Think of the health-care we could provide with the wealth-fare already "invested" as the potential "in kind."

Self-sustaining credit could grow from monthly installments
allowing payment for presenting information in adaptable forms.
Doctors are the prescription
for curing ignorance by sharing
their practice of observation, but
sometimes they'll feel they have to
pay people do do what is good for themselves.
This could remove the penalty reflex for malpractice
if "bail-out" was considered the price of education.
Education could be tuned-up to give credit rather than re:enforce debt.

Entitled education as healthcare has to be free from profit motives.
Programs to balance bail-out books overlooks individual equity as citizen work for healthy conditions, from self and family to community and environment and should earn monthly appreciation by standards set by banking budgeting the debt business.
If government wasn't in the loaning business there would be no taxes.

The balance of powers in democracy needs to extend to currency health.
Profit was good for production values but toxic to information
due to secrecy standards.
A support credit needs to be created for service industry
to maintain the most healthy unity.
Intellectual property is another value
that should not have profit-motive pressures.
The financial vehicle for accumulating conceptual properties is called A Trust.
To create Health-care support could encourage the most trustworthy
value yet.
Care-giving is the behavior to reward for the biggest change.


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