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Saturday, February 14, 2009

ECO-SOCIAL maintenance NOW!

It is the "Common Law" of economy that is revolting!
The socialization of common wealth-fare
became depriving in ways that
social stability programs supplement.
How does this seem healthy?

It is ultimately the value of complex living
that has been turned into products for profit.
Capitalism was a gamble that lost (capital)
and the house is breaking down, as it folds under its spoils.

Emergency situations call for physicians' care!
Common medical research demands could pay resource contribution.
Incentives to extend care should be reflexive entitlements
for systematic support appreciation networks are called parties.
Common health should be the most patriotic
"gold" standard quality sharing society.

"A" revolution is a service of information value redistribution.
The jobs needed are not part of common trends, but individuality interviews.
Polling for the exceptional reaction would be health related credited support.
Responsible behavior gets a new value certificate for participation compliance. Invested interest yields appreciation.

The money image needs a balance of powers.
Checks and balances imply service and information
need a contrasting style of compensation correction
to the profit motive of The Industrial Revolution.

May I suggest revolutionary Health Care Service (credit participation) to
evolve The Information Era?
Wealth could be treated like a parasite.


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