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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Federal Debt Information Assurance FDIA

Accountability has passed this crapitalism into the victims of penalty percentages and hedging appreciation.
The symptoms point to manipulations responsible for the loss of healthy savings attitudes..
By propagating debt investment "victimizer industries" bought advantages ..concepts of gambling were used by banks (becoming extortion rackets) to insure rules/rulers increased deception propaganda and character corruption (with pride.)
Defensive reactions lose values, (as demonstrated by Republican reactive behaviors) thus proving to defend past actions will keep costing.(which ever party does it)

Evaluation methods can encourage compensation to balance credit entitlement surety..
Assure a change with evaluation education recognized as encouragement counseling..Well IS fair!
Health is the most assuring attitude.
Practicing health should pay well(ness.)
Profit is the tyrant of production that needs balancing branches of healthy services and information credibility. Three governing contributers to economic note-ability...
Check it out, balancing substantiation for healthy conditioning and honest encouragement is wonderful, ask any doctor or teacher. Questioning is participation in information development deserving (the) more reward.

The old answers were barriers that power bullies could hide behind as defenses. The selling of defenses should not be beneficial for anyone, everyone should be freed of defense spending. Two Americas in-deed. "Be(a)ware of the military industrial complex(funding)"

The ultimate cultural goal is to prove armies are the only need for taxation and to end taxation can treat the corruption dis-ease (of desirerhea.) Consumer indulgence was not self-sustaining.
Working well together is the most wonderful puzzle resolving unity exercise.
..SO..Who has the money? & why? ...follow?


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