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Monday, March 23, 2009

sharable evaluation?

UNITY is not what money buys when it is obviously becoming a class war.

(Could the military industrial complex, Eisenhower warned us about, be plundering as banking indulgences, like oil price manipulation implies a pertinent example?

They never counted "Socializing Values" becoming healthier agreement than the fear of NoMoney!
Some of us (already) visualize a form of credit that doesn't form debt.
Those responsible for discouragement in forms of "debt victimizers" are Institutions.
Those who discourage are Institutionalized with rational compartmentalization but with encouragement commute-ability becomes multi- dimensional.

The Health-Care evolution could encourage (the) energy to free credit.
Community comment hyperlinking is the network of participation where accountability creates contribution like PayPal pyramids of healthy attitude.
Values of encouragement make education and medical experience (even as a patient) a credit from debt distraction.

Debt engineering is a symptom of "victimizer" desperation that forms conflict (WAR) with blame and shame justification games of fate.
The projection problem is in perception reflexes to contract on itself, what you see is ALL you get!

So, Why not see encouragement of opportunities in social values for health and care? All the injustices to teachers and other care services could start supporting a growth credit assurance distribution.

Teaching peace is why the WAY we live can energize behavior to evaluate.
Money should not control peace of mind the way it seems to threaten just that.
Questionable powers lie in the understanding of concepts, (the) UNREAL!
Real support is a recognizable behavior of encouragement. . .
it is easier when aware how half-truths balance each other when sharable.


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